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New Profile Posts

  1. Mealone
    With the rapid melting of icecap's, do I need to raise my ships and alter my altimeter settings?
  2. Osian
    Stupid little parts never cooperate.
  3. christopherbritton
    Just released an update for Bear Island. See the Showroom for more info.
  4. palacio802
    AW139 v2.0 Beta (available at Helisimmer.com)
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  5. Stephen Simmons
    Stephen Simmons
    Hi ! I am seeking a GRIPEN aircraft to FSX. I have seen in a post that you are involved into making one of it. Have you finished the project ? Where can I download it ? Best Wishes ! Luciano (Brasil)
  7. mialo
    mialo Frits
    Good Day sir,

    I saw your question in "Apron lights in P3D v 3.0".

    Have the same in EHBK of NL2000.

    Can you please explain to me how you solved this? I don't know how to do it.


  8. karijno
    karijno Misho
    Hi Misho,
    i saw that you resolved a "simil jitter issue " using lat/long/alt set position every frame. I also used Freeze event but if i fly near Aircraft (that is positioned with lat lon alt per frame basis) it jump random :-D. How you resolved this issue? Thanks
    1. Misho
      @karijno, need more info. What exactly are you doing? My issue was that I wasn't using double precision in my calculations. However, I was positioning in milimiters, Cartesian coordinate system, measured from the Earth centre, up to orbit. If you are using LatLonAlt, double precision will not be a problem.
      1 Sep 2017
  9. hecrowell
    hecrowell rpmc
    Rpmc..can you tell me if any ports need to be opened in the router or exceptions created in the firewall of windows 10? This is for GE VIEW.
    1. hecrowell
      Sorry - should have told you that GE VIEW 2 and FSX on same machine. Where is the kml that is supposed to be loaded? I have no kml files on my machine that I can find.
      19 Aug 2017
    2. rpmc
      EarthProxy does that for you, as discussed in the posting and the documentation. If HttpX.dll and Compound_Rotation.xml were installed properly, then just double click EarthProxy.exe to start everything.
      19 Aug 2017
  10. Sixshot
    Researching the B2707-300
  11. Jaeyo
  12. rdart78
    rdart78 Tom@FlagMountain
    Hello, Том!

    You said many year ago:
    I have resolved the problem and now am successfully sending waypoints to FSX via SimConnect using managed code (VB.NET). I believe in sharing, so anyone struggling with this and needing help, just ask.

    I just encountered this problem and can't find a solution vb.net.

    Could you send a working example for vb.net?
    I very much hope your answer.

    Thanks in advance, Roman.
  13. Jaeyo
    Working on scenery
  14. RIvan
    Welcome to Russia - the gate of historical, architectural and natural wonders.
  15. RichSlater
    RichSlater Markus111
    Hi Markus,
    I saw your post looking for a dev.
    I'm a C++ dev with plenty of experience working on multiple PC Pilot Platinum award winning aircraft. I'd be interested in discussing your current project if you are still looking for developers.
  16. Nicolas 2000
  17. christopherbritton
    Putting the finishing touches on Bear Island v2. It shouldn't be long..
  18. Steve Byers
    Steve Byers Mikael
  19. Steve Byers
    Steve Byers sharmes6
    1. sharmes6
      Hi Steve. I have no intention of verbally bashing anyone, especially an 11 year old. My comments are valid, and measured, and knowing your son is 11 I think my comments are still appropriate. I wish your son all the luck in the world with his endeavours in scenery design. I was simply stating factual observations about the world of payware and freeware scenery design. All the best to you and Caleb.
      29 Jun 2017
  20. Emmanuel Maenda
    Emmanuel Maenda Magnus
    Hey Magnus.
    I love Whitedot HAAB, FLKK and the light scenery you did for DXXX..

    I was looking for the FMCH scenery you made, the link appears broken. Any way I could get a hold of it?
    1. Magnus
    2. Emmanuel Maenda
      Emmanuel Maenda
      Thanks Magnus. All the best with your HTDA Project. Cant wait to fly there...
      25 Jul 2017