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New Profile Posts

  1. Dutcheeseblend
    Graduated today as Aeronautical Engineer!
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    2. JP "Penz" Pedersen
      JP "Penz" Pedersen
      Congratulations Daan!
      22 Jun 2017 at 05:47
    3. F747fly
      22 Jun 2017 at 06:48
    4. arno
      Gefeliciteerd! Welkom bij de club ;)
      24 Jun 2017 at 21:05
  2. javier gisbert
    javier gisbert Diverskii
    From where we can download this scenario. The same thing happens to me as in the first image, the sunken airport
    Thank you

    Desde donde podemos descargar este escenario. A mi me ocurre lo mismo que en la primera imagen, el aeropuerto hundido
  3. 11jovic
    a very happy virtual flyer all over the world.
  4. CX 747-400
    CX 747-400
    I quit flying years ago. I don't want to die with tourists. -Billy Bob Thornton
  5. AzurePlanet
    AzurePlanet JP "Penz" Pedersen
    Thanks very much for your like on my Newfoundisles scenery.
  6. AzurePlanet
    AzurePlanet Marc L
    Thanks very much for your like on my Newfoundisles scenery.
    1. Marc L
      Marc L
      Np :) I used to work on a fictional island too, but lost it :/
      7 Jun 2017
  7. Osian
    Trying to figure out how to mirror parts with animations in blender
  8. Ronald
    Busy learning the art of "Blender Texturing" for the YF16 project.
  9. pressler
    I love the smell of Jet-A in the morning!
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    2. Marc L
      Marc L
      Same here
      19 May 2017
  10. Xtreme Development
    Xtreme Development
    -- Working on London-City EGLC (Freeware) --
  11. Xtreme Development
    Xtreme Development
    - Working on London-City EGLC (Freeware)
  12. alihor
    alihor FlapsOut
    Hi FlapsOut, can I contact you regarding your little simconnect add-on
  13. manuelfdc
    manuelfdc rpmc
    Punt 2 this GE VIEW windows parameters I have installed in a pane.cfg of a Cesna C172. I would like to send you a picture of it but I do not know how to do it. I am brand new in FSDeveloper. I have not understood the installation description: "create a new folder name GE VIEW within the aircraf't's PanelFolder" is meant this panel folder in the FSX folder or panel of the Cesna C172
  14. manuelfdc
    manuelfdc rpmc
    I have not understood: "First, did HttpX.dll and XMLTools.dll install properly? FSX should have asked you if you are both of those modules." I tried to install these files and did not happen, I think DLL files can not be installed.
  15. manuelfdc
    manuelfdc jschall
    Can you explain this to me? I'm not gonna geoengine GE View and earthproxy though I've made all the configurations according to tutorial. In addition, the FSX does not show any GEVIEW windows
  16. manuelfdc
    manuelfdc jschall
    In FSX, make sure the HTTPX gauge is active by selecting VIEWS>Instrument Panel>GEVIEW, which will pop up the blue rectangle with the FSX variables being sent to Google Earth. THEN, start Earth Proxy, and click START and Open KML. That will launch Google Earth and fly it to your FSX position. (Make sure GE's Fly-To Speed is set to around 3.0 to 3.5).
  17. manuelfdc
    GE View I have problems with the installation of GE View in the FSX. I dont have Connections wiht the EarthPorxydestock.
  18. manuelfdc
    manuelfdc arno
    GE View : I have problems with the installation of GE View in the FSX. I have everything installed after the installation description but I get no connection to EarthPorxydestock. Can someone help me and how can I post problems FSDeveloper
  19. manuelfdc
    manuelfdc arno
    I'm quite new to FSDeveloper, how can I post theme in FSDeveloper
  20. manuelfdc