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1 Large file or many small ones?

Discussion in '3D Objects General' started by Clutch Cargo, 4 Oct 2007.

  1. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo

    7 Mar 2006
    Curious as if anyone has tried this (I am starting a few trials myself). If I have, say 100 objects of various types (some Gmax, some object libraries), inside say a one mile radius, where some of these objects are visable very far away and others only when close up... would there be any advantage to have one large bgl of all the objects or break them down into several smaller bgls?

    Not so much to gain FPS but my thinking is the smaller files would load faster causing perhaps less stutter in hard hit areas?

    What do ya think?
  2. lmoelleb


    23 Apr 2005
    A lot of small files are harder for the computer to manage and load, while too large files might load (and fill the memory) with items not in view. As anything else - a compromise is the way to go. No, I do not know the magical limit - and it depends on size of the models and area covered. I think my current tool operates around 4-6MB for the largest files and I think that is a bit too big - and something I'll look into when I get it to partition the files more dynamically (currently it is based on a fixed area size which is obviusly not ideal).
  3. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004

    As mentioned before, I think it mainly depends on when the objects are used. If they are all used in the same area, then having them in one big BGL file makes sense. But if some objects are also used further away, then it might make sense to put them in a separate file, so that the other objects are not loaded as well in that case.

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