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13 Object Limitation

Discussion in 'ObPlacer and ObPlacer XML' started by Joe W, 18 Mar 2005.

  1. Joe W

    Joe W

    3 Jun 2004
    I am using you Object Placer XML to add Oil Platforms and seem to have run into a limitation. I can't add the 14 th object. I go there in FS9, Open OP and click " read from FS" add the heading, click " place object" ," and that 14 th object is not added.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Joe W.

    Duuhhhh !.... I just found the scroll bar on the side. :rotfl: But the object wasn't beeing added because that was what made me notice it. I had the program running the whole day, FS9 ...I was in and out, starting and exiting. AFCAD was the same. But once I exited OPxml and reloaded the xml all went well.
    Joe W.
    Last edited: 19 Mar 2005

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