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3D model import to FS2004/FSX

Discussion in 'Airport Design General' started by Virtual Pilot, 18 Jul 2007.

  1. Virtual Pilot

    Virtual Pilot

    27 May 2007
    Hi dear friends!

    I have a question. After the scenery is made in 3D max or Gmax, how can I import it into the Flight Simulator. Also I want my scenery to be both for FS2004/FSX. Do I necessary need the SDK package. Please could you tell which things and tools/programs I really need to make a full scenery,with eefects....etc. I have plans for a payware sceneries. However I have a good team -designers on 3D max,but they aren't familiar with the FS import and tricks procedures. Please could you suggest me with any opinion,suggestions. Also I'll be very happy to hear the whole step by step building scenery steps!

    All the best,waiting for your answer. Also I'd like to hear how can animated gates be done. I'll need a marshaller,animated trucks,cars...birds! :)

    I hope I can hear with some of you via skype!

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