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adding guns and missiles

Discussion in 'SimConnect' started by davidt, 11 Feb 2008.

  1. davidt


    15 Aug 2007

    I have some questions regarding adding gun animations and missiles to an aircraft in FSX.

    I've dug through the forums here and found a post (http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6928) from a little while ago about heat-seeking missiles. While I'm not trying to do anything as fancy as that, I would still like to get some basic (straight) missile movement (and hopefully explosions too), as well as gun effects like tracer rounds.

    The guy that replied to the post was a bit vague on how he got some of the parts implemented, and I've been reading into all parts of the FSX SDK to see what my options were. I did find a bomb pack (from Avsim I think) that said how to manually add droppable objects to a plane by manually adding a couple of lines to a saved flight.

    While that seems to work, I'm left wanting a little more.

    For shooting effects, from what I've seen and tried, using the effects SDK will let me add some basic tracer effect moving away from the plane. Free models I've seen that have included that have used little balls. That's fine, and if anything I can make a simple model to make it more of a longish shape which would be a little more realistic. But I've noticed that when I'm in the virtual cockpit view, I don't actually see any of these effects - only when I've got the camera outside of the plane.

    Another problem with that is that I can't really track where the 'bullets' are going, so I can't see if I actually hit anyone that way. Which is making me think about adding a SimObject and updating it's position manually. Seems like overkill, but otherwise I can't really see how to get it to both show up in FSX and let me know if I'm hitting anything.

    As for missiles, I mentioned I had a look at droppable objects. I've got a bit of a problem with that as well. For starters, I'm not too crazy about having to manually edit the flight file to change missiles or add more. However, the sim connect API doesn't really offer much by way of adding droppable objects - unless I've missed something. Is there a way to do that?

    Secondary - droppable objects don't seem to show up on the plane models. If this is something that would require a model to have a certain attach point or something, that's fine. I can make/modify a model to have that, but I'm just unsure if that's what I would need.

    Moving a missile, I'm already assuming I'll have to doing the movement myself, which is fine, for the same reasons as the tracer rounds. I need to know where the missile is going so I can see if I'll have hit anything with it.

    Similar to the basic tracer effects, when 'launch' a droppable object while in the virtual cockpit, I don't see the missile moving forward, only when the camera is showing the outside of the plane.

    I had thought about adding the objects (either missiles or tracers) with my SimConnect client, but the delay between sending the request to add an object and getting the actual sim connect object Id back makes for a noticable delay. Doing it that way is workable, but I just don't like having that delay. Plus, once I get the ID back from SimConnect, I'd need to jump the missile to a new location right away before continuing with moving it around.

    So anyway. If anyone has any comments or suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated!

    Last edited: 11 Feb 2008

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