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Aerofly 2 Released; Beta; Steam Games

Small Patch Released (EA4.16)

A small update was released today. This was mainly for the bug fix for Geneva airport crashing, however, there is also one small new feature for those of you who have a GTX 1080 or GTX 1080ti GPU. You will notice in the settings that there is now an "Insane" setting for shadows. This new setting introduced a new level of shadows that will give you solid building shadows and, well, insane shadow mapping everywhere. Please keep in mind that this setting is a GPU memory hog so you will need at least a 1080 (or 8GB card or higher) to fully enjoy this.
EA4.24 Update

Most of you have noticed a small update today. This update was a small performance tweak that reduced some CPU computing. You may see a very small FPS increase but nothing of note this time around.
Small Update EA4.28 Released Today

There was another small update that improved performance when looking into the sun as well as added VKBsim Joystick support with a default assignment.