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Aerofly Latest News Blog

Discussion in 'AeroFly FS 2' started by HiFlyer, 28 Aug 2017.

  1. HiFlyer


    30 Jan 2016
    Originally posted by Drhotwing1 (Ipacs)

    Posted Wednesday at 09:49 AM

    Greetings Flight Simmers,

    After taking a small breath of fresh air the team has been back to work preparing the next update that will not only improve upon some recently released functions but also added a few more improvements. And of course fixed some stuff as well. Here’s a list of what you will see in the upcoming update today:

    * Changed autopilot improved LOC tracking, now uses a calculated lateral offset, not deflection angle

    * Changed autopilot / flight director LOC stays engaged when autopilot disconnects

    * Changed Fly by wire implemented C* law, modified flight phase transitions, pitch trim reset after touch down now smoother, nz load protection.

    * Changed FBW bank protection, how the aircraft rolls back to 33deg when stick released, softer pitch attitude stop, over speed protection now targets VMO + 15kts when stick full down, VMO when released.

    * Changed FBW angle of attack protection now internally also controls only angle of attack, aileron compensates asymmetries better

    * Changed wheel simulation: improved ground handling, idle taxiing and improved brake control. Q400 one engine taxiing now possible.

    * Added parking brake

    * Added deformable wheel animation

    * Added thrust lever sealing lip animations for Q400 and F18, more to come

    * Fixed A320 fixed auto-brake now disables 5 seconds after lift off, correct ECAM page displayed after lift off during gear retraction, PFD now displays correct ground phase

    * Changed ASG29 improved flight model: more realistic behavior to flap, added pitch trim synchronization on AP disconnect button (force trim), reduced drag from landing gear, fine tuned glide performance for current weight (no water)

    * Changed pressure settings in airliners are not automatically set to either STD or QNH when initialized in air or ground.

    * Fixed B737 localizer now displays correctly

    * Changed B747 flight physics to be less sensitive to throttle, better flare dynamics

    * Changed B747 updated cockpit 3D model with new textures, newly modeled switches and buttons

    * Fixed B747 some bugs in VNAV, placing the 747 near the route should now correctly resume VNAV PATH

    * Added F18 high and low sensitivity nose wheel steering, toggled per AP disconnect (same button in real world)

    * Changed Q400 decreased nose gear steering speed to be more realistic, decreased drag on approach, more realistic cruise drag

    * Changed Q400 increased full flap pitch attitude, decreased pitch attitude for others

    * Fixed Q400 a bug in the REDUCED NP LANDING, a bug in the pitch trim runaway detection, is now sensitive to autopilot pitch trim changes

    * Fixed Q400 master caution and master warning, now re triggers when a new warning comes up

    * Fixed Q400 a bug in the formatted ILS view

    * Changed Q400 increased stall trigger margin for full flaps

    * Changed Q400 right side MFD to display system pages per default

    We have also added support for FSWidgets ( http://fswidgets.com/shop/index.php) which can now be enabled from within the settings menu.

    As always, we wish to thank you for your support and sometimes patience while we aim to deliver you a realistic and professional flight simulator.
  2. HiFlyer


    30 Jan 2016
    Originally posted by Drhotwing1 (IPACS)

    We know...It's been quiet around development for a few days. We also know that you deserve to know what's going on behind the scenes while Aerofly FS2 is being made. So, I wanted to let you know that no one on the team is sleeping or letting up on the development process.

    In fact, there are a couple of nice features being worked on, one of those features is a logbook to keep track of your flights and time. It's still too early to give you more information at this time but, like all other features, a lot of care and dedication is going into it.

    There will also be more fixes and additional functions added to the core of the aircraft systems coming your way soon as well.

    On another front, we would like to give you a small progress update on our ' user tools'. First there was the geoconvert tool, then some improvements to the tool to make it more user friendly, now let me introduce you to a new word in the flight simulator development community (strongly investigated by Karl-Heinz (Rodeo) ), that word is cultivation. This new word has a lot of wonderful meanings, it means a potential new way to offer wide-spread precise autogen without having to use 3rd party tools or major coding. It's also a way to add a really nice layer of night lighting without having to add night specific imagery. We have been testing this new possible game changer, and Rodeo has taken this to a whole new level, and has created some test beds to move this forward. Here's a brief look at this:

    To add more to the mix, further improvements will be made to the geoconvert tool, better airport development tools will be provided, and a complete reference model library will be available to anyone wishing to try their hand at making an airport.

    So, please stay with us. this is a small team creating big things.
  3. HiFlyer


    30 Jan 2016
    Geoconvert Tool Update Released!

    Greetings fellow flight simmers,

    as promised a new update to the geoconvert tool has been posted.

    This update addresses some memory and processing issues that have caused the tool to crash when larger sceneries were run. The new update has resolved this issue.

    Also, a couple of new config options have been added;

    1) You can now manually specify a source image folder. Here's an example: <[string] [folder_source_files][./input_aerial_images_hawaii/]>

    2) You can selectively enable/disable the creation of files that require a mask. As mask images are sometimes problematic, for performance and border issues, you can disable them using this flag: <[bool] [write_images_with_mask][true]>

    As always, please stay with us while we continue to update Aerofly FS2 and the tools used to develop great stuff.

    The geoconvert tool as well as the SDK will continue to receive attention until it's the best that it possibly can be. Please continue to note any bugs or issues that you see as it helps us a great deal.

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