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AI Flight Planner Now Allows You to Partition Default Traffic Files

Discussion in 'AI Flight Planner' started by gadgets, 16 Dec 2008.

  1. gadgets

    gadgets Resource contributor

    8 Nov 2005
    AI Flight Planner Version 1.57, just released, can partition default traffic files and adjust them in other ways.

    With the growing number of airline system-wide AI flight plan downloads, the need (and desire) to have default airline traffic populate your airports has diminished. For some time, AI Flight Planner has allowed you to subset the Flight Plan List by airport. But, unfortunately, you had to choose between all the default traffic at the airports of interest (subject to AI traffic settings, of course) or none. With Version 1.57, you may subset by either airport or aircraft and intelligently remove individual legs from flight plans. (See the revised user manual Section 6.6)

    Now, for example, you can split the default traffic file into GA and airline partitions and remove from the airline partition any legs terminating at airports of interest, thereby keeping the default GA traffic but excluding the dreaded Orbit, Airwave and World Travel airline aircraft from your "favorite" airports.

    Thanks to Bob Keeshan for the suggestion.

    Have fun,

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