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FSX AI visibility (once more)

Hi all,

I am finally back at my FS computer and as usual I already find myself in trouble.
The problem: the custom AI ground vehicles that are supposed to show up on my airport no longer show up from a distance but only pop up when close by. That was not the case when I left home in September last year.
I have made no more changes in the meantime but (of course) installed the Windows Updates and got rid of about 4000 spam messages in my mailbox:(.
I tried to use Raditor to increase the boundary box but to no avail. I set small particle reject to 1 but to no avail.
I am not sure what to do next because I have run out of ideas.
Can somebody give me a hint or a solution?
Thanks a bunch.
Searched Google for days and no useful answer found either. The funny thing is that all other AI shows up fine from far away and another puzzling thing is that once you have come near enough to the AI vehicle for it to show up, it will keep showing up afterwards even from far away!
I had hoped somebody over here would know some answer.


Resource contributor
Just some question to get your case clearer (for myself,everyone else who'd like to help your):
- Which version of "Windows" are you running on your computer and how many bits version is that?
- Which version of "FS" has been installed on it? Microsoft FS9, FSX?, P3D, X-Plane, Flight-Gear,??
- Is this the "Radiator" you are referring too http://www.scenerydesign.org/raditor/
- Are you 100% sure nobody else has touched your computer in the time that you were away from it?
-> If yes where's the proof ;-)
- Do you have the "custom AI ground vehicles" installed yourself?
- Do the "custom AI ground vehicles" where they part of an add-on package?

I have made no more changes in the meantime but (of course) installed the Windows Updates
Wrong assumption robystar Wrong assumption! When you do allow "Windows Update" literally everything (Operating-Software-wise) inside your computer
can be altered! Your task now is now to find out what has! and has not! been "updated" (read altered).

For example:
If a basic Windows functionality like .NET runtime libraries (see image below) have been 'upgraded"(read altered),

- https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/.NET
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.NET_Framework

this can and - in time - will affect every piece of software that depend on that (Simulator, Aircraft gauges, installed add-ons)
Thanks, Ronald,
To answer your questions:
W7 64-bit;
FS9, FSX and P3Dv3 but I am talking about FSX;
Yes, Raditor from Arno;
100% sure as nobody broke in and electricity, gas and water were shut off;
Yes, custom AI vehicles made with FSDS;
Yes, part of self made addon scenery.
As for Windows Update, you may be right as the .net framework was updated (although it should not for W7 according to the Wikipedia article?).
My 'partner in crime' does NOT have this problem (he has other weird anomalies though that I do not have in this scenery), is working in Windows 10 but updated regularly while I only could do it after 6 months.
I may have to roll back to undo the updates and see what that brings? Unless you have a better idea?
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