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Aircraft MDL to gmax.

Discussion in 'ModelConverterX' started by FelixFFDS, 25 Nov 2008.

  1. FelixFFDS


    30 Sep 2006
    Definitely "latest" build is my favorite. I am keeping 055 as my "base" comparison.

    I am using MCX to convert my FSDS aircraft models to gmax (via 3DS format conversion).

    On the latest beta build (download 23NOV) the import into 3DS/ gmax goes without problems. Texxture mapping information is preserved, and all I need to do is "pick" the material and apply.

    The "unintended consequence" of the conversion is that the part names now all begin with a number "01_LOD100" "02_LOD100" etc. OF course, when re-exporting as an aircraft MDL, the exporter issues a warning for each object/part that it will be replaced with "X01_LOD100" "X02_LOD100", etc.

    This is NOT a show stopper (for a project with a small number of parts). My work around would be to develop a script to rename all parts starting with a number to add an initial letter.

    (My other issues are gmax modelling related, not conversion issues)..
  2. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004
    Hi Felix,

    Yes, I am aware of those LOD problems, see this thread as well. There is some limitation in the 3DS format that prevents me to use more than 10 characters for the name. So if I want to use _LOD_nnn there is not much left :(.

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