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Airport scenery lighting and shading

hi, i'm developing an airport in tunisia for FS2004, everything goes well until i notice that some of the buildings in exported to the airport have inverted shading or lightened sides that are supposed to be shady and sticks out from the rest of the scenery i made, the blue arrow is the trouble area and the red is the normal, i used blender to make this scenery, any way i can fix this? and thank you in advance :)

Inkedbandicam 2018-01-12 22-42-50-660_LI.jpg


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I had a quite look at the models, but I can't see anything weird in the material settings or so at first sight.
Every face had one side when I exported then, it turns out mirroring can cause this light inversion and I do remember using it at one point, then I used a mirrored mesh to make the rest of the buildings, not a wise choice on my part xD I had to rebuild the hanger from scratch and it works fine now, 5 more buildings to remake xD
Finally fixed the issue!! not sure how though hhhhhh, i had to rebuild two other buildings along with the hanger and then i joined the old objects with the new in blender, and voila!!!! the red are the old working models, green are the rebuilt and blue are the the old defected buildings now corrected!, thank you guys so much for the help i really appreciate it! ^^
Inkedbandicam 2018-01-15 19-42-19-740_LI.jpg