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Can we get the aircraft's current status

Discussion in 'Tools programming' started by jh_zzz, 20 Jun 2007.

  1. jh_zzz


    16 May 2007
    From FS2004 and FSUIPC SDK I cannot find any information about the aircraft's status (taxi, take off, cruse, landing) except one bStatus for AI Aircraft in FSUIPC SDK shown as below:

    The “bState” value is new for FS2004. When non-zero it gives the current status of the AI aircraft, as follows:

    0x80 128 Initialising
    0x81 129 Sleeping
    0x82 130 Filing flight plan
    0x83 131 Obtaining clearance
    0x84 132 Pushback (back?)
    0x85 133 Pushback (turn?)
    0x86 134 Starting up
    0x87 135 Preparing to taxi
    0x88 136 Taxiing out
    0x89 137 Take off (prep/wait?)
    0x8A 138 Taking off
    0x8B 139 Departing
    0x8C 140 Enroute
    0x8D 141 In the pattern
    0x8E 142 Landing
    0x8F 143 Rolling out
    0x90 144 Going around
    0x91 145 Taxiing in
    0x92 146 Shutting down

    Maybe we only can judge the status by ourselves according the aircraft's speed, attitude, gear/flaps status etc.
  2. FlapsOut


    29 May 2007
    FSUIPC and SimConnect

    Remember, We've already tested and confirmed that FSUIPC and SimConnect can indeed run side-by-side. (see thread 'SimConnect Simulator Variables'.

    And, since Mr. Dowson has already converted his FSUIPC for FSX entirely? I'd check that that FSUIPC service stills provides the correct information on Aircraft 'State'.

    I think I may be arriving at a point, that thinks that FSUIPC for FSX and SimConnect are both still necessary?

    Last edited: 21 Jun 2007

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