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change airfield

Discussion in 'AI Flight Planner' started by collltip, 24 Apr 2009.

  1. collltip


    25 Apr 2008
    I have a lot of airfields on which no traffic will appear.Airfields which I created with ADE six months ago and any new ,very basic airfields,work ok.Traffic which I write from the working airfields to the faulty ones appear and fly the plan.
    I want to delete an airfield in ADE and redraw it from scratch.I also want to delete the airfield from AIFP so that I can replace it with the new version to see if it works.
    In the past I have done this by deleting it from the Airport list.dat folder,but this has had a devastating effect on the program and I have had to reinstal AIFP and then all my addon airfields.Even making a copy of the airfield line first and then pasting it back into the List.dat folder when it has gone berserk does not rectify the situation.
    So my question is,can I replace the selected airfield easily?
  2. bobbyjack


    30 Oct 2007

    If you are going to rebuild your airports in the same location, then it may not be a big deal. Go ahead and make your ADE changes. Then use the Find/Collect Airports function under Airports to rebuild the dat. file. I tend to save traffic bgls by airport so that I can delete or rework smaller groups of FPs easier. You can also use the Subset function to weed out FPs based on airports.

  3. gadgets

    gadgets Resource contributor

    8 Nov 2005
    The usual cause for AI routinely failing to appear at an airport is lack of appropriate parking, i.e., big enough to accommodate the aircraft you're trying to get to land/take-off from there.
    Removing or replacing a single line in AirportList.dat should not have "a devastating effect" on the program, so long as the formatting is adhered to absolutely. That you couldn't fix it by replacing the original line suggests a second problem.

    The recommended way of modifying an airport in AIFP is to use the Airport Editor (or, as bobbyjack suggests, re-collecting them all). However, if you don't (didn't) change the ICAO identifier or position, no change in AIFP is necessary to accommodate the newly-designed-with-ADE airport.


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