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Clearview high Defenition Textures, Feelthere 737

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by liberty1, 19 Feb 2009.

  1. liberty1


    18 Feb 2009
    Liberty Studios is proud to present HD textures for the Feelthere/Wilco 737 PIC For FSX Only.

    Walking Around on the Before Flight Checklist has never been so fun. With Custom made kits,everything is clear.

    High Definition makes a difference everywhere. Rivets, Scratches and Dirt have never been more defined.

    Engines that actually Show cautions and warnings for the simmer that loves Screenshots with HD Scenery and Clouds, Now he can get HD Aircraft also.

    Custom made kits call for custom made paints. Say goodbye to Photo real and enjoy quality that has effort and time into it.




    The High definition textures have been tested on many computers, Everything from a Pentium to a Quad Core and we see no Frames Per Second drop. Many Liveries from various countries will be available for all variants of the aircraft that was sold the most in Aviation history.
    More information will come in days to come including the livery list and many more previews for those who love the 737PIC.

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