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Concrete over Asphalt

Discussion in 'Airport Design Editor' started by Bob Keeshan, 10 Dec 2007.

  1. Bob Keeshan

    Bob Keeshan

    2 Dec 2007
    ADE Team,

    Another thing I noticed while working with my KCMH redesign is that when I placed a concrete tarmac object over an asphalt tarmac object, I could not see the concrete object when I compiled and tested in FSX. I tried to go back and "send to back" the asphalt object, and while it looked right in ADE, the concrete object still didn't show in FSX. I went back deleted the concrete object, saved the airport, and recreated the concrete object over the asphalt object, but it still didn't work right in FSX.

    The reason I was doing this is that there are a couple areas at KCMH where there is a concrete part of the tarmac bordered on all sides by asphalt. To recreate this effect, I ended up drawing the asphalt object around the concrete object, but it would have been easier to just place a concrete square on top of the asphalt.

    Last edited: 10 Dec 2007
  2. jvile


    24 Jan 2005

    I agree it would be easier but as you see concrete does not cover asphalt. There are many different apron textures that take precedence over other textures which is a draw priority in the FS9/FSX graphics engine.

    You have already found the work around and if you look at a default airport like EHAM you see FSX did exactly what you did.

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