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Determined gate position

Discussion in 'Tools programming' started by duholm, 6 Nov 2008.

  1. duholm


    4 Nov 2008
    Hi All

    I have a problem I hope someone can help me with. I am trying to build an application that can determind when my plane is parked at the gate.

    At the moment I have to turn off my engines in order for my program to detect that I am at the gate. However I would like to find the gate by comparing the position of my ATC assigned gate and compare it to my planes position.

    So far I have no problem determining the planes position (I use fsuipc), but I don't know how to determined 1. the assigned gate and 2 the position of the gate.

    Does anybody know how to solve this. I would appreciate the help :).

  2. scruffyduck

    scruffyduck Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    17 Sep 2005
    Hi Bo

    I answered your email but I am pleased you asked here. I wonder if you can use Brakes on to determine the end of your flight. That is the normal way that airlines do it for block time as I recall. Does not actually check that you are on a gate but you would not normally put the parking brakes on until the plane is parked. Alternatively how about engine shut down?

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