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Editvoicepack XL IN P3D3

Hello guys, wonder if somebody can help me with following:
I am running P3Dv3 on a separate HD(D) and Win7 is on the principal HD (C)
P3Dv3 runs very smoothly and I have managed to add all of my airplanes and Fsdream GSX without any problem
However I can not manage to install editvoice XL inspite of trying various options: installing the software inside P3Dv3, installing it outside in the D HD, installing it inside an addon scenery folder. The software works when I click on its icon, I can manage to create new airplane call signs but when the aircrafts are in P3D the ATC does not reconize any of the changes made.
Would appreciate some help considering that editvoicepack XL is in fact compatible with P3D as far as reports that I have read of people reporting using it. So there has to be something that I am not doing well.