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Error with importing into SBuilderX

Hi, I have two issues.
When I try to append BLN, XML or SHP file I created with CVX extractor I get an error message.
first error.jpg
Can someone tell me what to do? Is there a way to convert to SBX?

When I try to append a SRTM Water Body Data SHP file from USGS EarthExplorer I get this error:
SBuilderX can not read this Shapefile!
Can some one please tell me what to do? Or best: Post a SBX file or at least a compatible SHP file.

Thank you!!



"Die arithmetische Operation hat einen Uberlauf verursacht." = "Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow"

Because I can successfully Append and thereby import the attached SHP files in SBuilderX version 3.14 (64-Bit) on (English) Windows-7 (64-Bit), I'm curious as to whether, in the (German Language) version of Windows that you apparently are using:

* Do you have Windows configured to use the period (.) rather than the comma (,) in:

Control Panel > Region and Language > {Formats} Tab > [Additional Settings] Button > Customize Format > Decimal Symbol



: SBuilderX was written using Visual Basic, which IIUC, can have errors when processing Floating Point precision numbers if the Windows numeric Decimal Separator is not set to the "Period" character.


Hope this helps ! :)

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