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Four engines instead of six

Discussion in 'Other' started by Tony V, 13 Apr 2011.

  1. Tony V

    Tony V

    29 Aug 2010
    I know that FSX has a limit of 4 engines. I recently downloaded the Me323 Gigant and it has six engines. In my process of tuning the aircraft.cfg, I was wondering how would I modify the engine parameters.

    For the sake of discussion I am using roundabout numbers. If the 6E plane's engines are rated at 1000hp with 14 cylinders and each cylinder has a displacement of 150, that would give the plane a collective 6000hp, 84 cylinders, and 12,600 inches. But because FSX only recognizes 4 of those engines, how would I keep the collective numbers but modify them in the config for 4 engines?

    In this case would the numbers be:

    1500hp, 21 cylinders, and leave the displacement at 150;
    1500hp, 14 cylinders, and 225 inches;
    would I modify the thrust scalar by 150%;
    or what?
    Last edited: 13 Apr 2011
  2. Roy Holmes

    Roy Holmes Resource contributor

    20 Feb 2011
    Actually you can have more than four. A friend of mine had duplicate lines in the config file which gave him eight engines! The result was amazing acceleration on take-off.

    However, for purposes of individual engine control the limit would be four.

    Since you want six, try adding another two then you may not have to mess with the engine performance.


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