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FSSC conversion files

Discussion in 'Airport Design General' started by campospinto, 9 May 2008.

  1. campospinto


    8 May 2008
    I created an airport, very simple, Goianesia (SWGO),in FSSC.
    Unhappily Derek Leung, discontinued FSSC.
    Do I have the files original engravings in cd, does some program that gets to open the files generated by FSSC exist and do you turn them compatible with the FS2004?
    Goianesia this in www.avsim.com , it works in FS2004 but he/she doesn't appear in the list of the airports.
    I got to re-do the work in AFCAD 2. 21, but I am having problems to lower the land, the runway it is buried.
    AFCAD 2.21 doesn't get to open the files *.bgl servants for FSSC, I tried to re-do in the option " new airport "
    I wait that they understand what I wrote, I am using translation program.
    I am grateful.

    João Alfredo
  2. GaryGB


    23 Dec 2005

    I believe it will be best to use AFCAD or another utility such as Flight1's AFX for FS2004 (FS9) as FSSC is no longer being developed and uses proprietary methods for which I have never seen a converter.

    If you use AFCAD or other airport builder utilities for the time being in FS9, always be sure to create a separate flatten file to place underneath the airport area at the same elevation as the runways and taxiways.

    You may also have to create a separate autogen exclude (and airport object exclude to get rid of the default airport!) to be used in conjunction with your flatten and the new AFCAD airport and scenery library object placement BGLs.

    I don't personally know of any FS9 airport creation program that makes both airport flattens and excludes for autogen; however some do exclude certain types of "airport" scenery objects.

    Making the flatten and autogen exclude BGL files will place everything all at the same elevation in 1 flat layer, and will get rid of undesired objects popping up in your modified airport area.

    PS: You might be able to decompile the SCASM FSSC file using the older BGLAnalyze (version 3.1?) to get at the parameters etc. as described here:



    Hope this helps! :)

    Last edited: 9 May 2008

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