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FSX Flightplan Compiler

Discussion in 'Tools programming' started by garfield_x, 11 Apr 2007.

  1. garfield_x


    30 Nov 2006
    If someone is willing to do some testing on the FSX Flightplan compiler drop me a PM.

    The program compiles TTools formatted traffic files to the native FSX or FS9 BGL traffic files. (as you already might know, both have different file structures)
    No TDB program needed. Just .NET 2.0 is enough.

    The GUI is very simple at the moment and i didn't want to mimic the TTools GUI at the moment, so if you have some tips let me know.

    I did some testing with FS9 and compared it with the TTools produced file, so some testing need to be done with FSX.

    Last edited: 11 Apr 2007