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FSX FSX installation directory problem

Discussion in 'FSX Planner' started by lordofwings, 5 Jan 2010.

  1. lordofwings


    5 Nov 2006
    I have a Windows 7 Premium 64 bit PC. This means my applications are put on \Program Files for 64 bits and \Program Files (x86) for 32 bits applications, that is defined by MS.

    FSX Planner is a 32 bit application so it will get placed on C:\Program Files (x86). However when I search for an airport and select it by double clicking, FSX Planner attempts to open the corresponding AP*.BGL file from a hard coded FSX installation directory (C:\Program Files\....) and as a result it cannot open the BGL file with the standard airport.

    Where can I change that setting? the FSX Planner settings does not have (unlike other applications) an option to specify the location of the FSX directory. It apparently assumes it without looking into the registry or even letting the user tell where it is.

    So, how can I fix that? is there an extra configuration file somewhere?
  2. n4gix

    n4gix Resource contributor

    26 Sep 2006
    Actually, you can install anything, anywhere you like. You do not have to accept the "default installation path" to the overly-restrictive ..\Program Files folder scheme.

    I have installed FSX and ADE9X (but it could just as easily been FSX Planner) to the following structure:


    However, now that you have FSX installed there, right-click on the root FSX folder when in Windows Explorer, select the Security Tab, and set Permissions to "Full Access" for All Users, making sure to enable "Apply to all sub-folders" before clicking the "Apply" button.

    You will probably want to turn off UAC for the FSX folder(s) as well.
    Last edited: 5 Jan 2010
  3. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004

    Using the latest version of FSX Planner I have no problems on my Windows 7 64 bit machine.

    When you go to the find airport menu you can indicate where FS is installed, you might have to point it to the right location. I also had to change the location where the results are saved, since the default path did not seem to work.

    But after that everything worked out fine. I should not that both FSX Planner and FSX are not installed in a program files folder on my machine, but that should not matter.

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