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Fuel box

Discussion in '3D Objects General' started by maceo, 3 Oct 2004.

  1. maceo


    6 Jul 2004
    I was banging my head on the desk the other night :banghead: trying to get the refuel/repair placed properly with xml when I ran across Hans' answer to a previous post here concerning a fuel box. As always, his info was dead-right, but I posed a question to him that I hoped I could get some more input on.

    The visible fuel box (the yellow lines) does not appear when you place the refule/repair in xml. I thought (as did Hans) that this surely was a library object, but after both of our searches, we could not find one.

    So, I went into Gmax and created a 12m x 12m box that is 0.02m high and applied the proper textures. This works OK, but wanted to see if there was anyone who had come across a better way.
  2. Gorchi


    2 Jun 2004
    creating visible object is one thing while refueling the aircraft is another thing. I guess You need to create the object with gmax, probably You need to create those yellow lines a little above the terrain (Z around 0.001) and then You'll need to tweak ASM lines by hand. But I don't know if resulting mdl will use condition "if object is in certain area, then set variable 0x288h to 1".

    Best regards,
  3. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004
    Hi Goran,

    I think the 288 variable is no longer needed, when the new XML trigger for the refuel area is needed.

    For the 3D object, I guess you can design that like any object. If it has ground polygons you can use the zbias_ option (no need to raise it above the ground then).

    Another option is to use on of the default library objects MS provides, but usually these don't look like the airport you want to model :).

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