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how to copy....

Discussion in 'Airport Design General' started by MDuncan, 10 Feb 2006.

  1. MDuncan


    21 Oct 2005
    Ok kids,

    After being away for quite some time, I finally managed to complete my remodelling of my local airport here in clintonville (KCLI). I have been working on my Desk computer with portable hard-drive, with all the files on the E: (portable unit). They are compiled and work great!

    but I copy them (bgl's etc) over to a computer thru our school network to my student flight simulator and put them in the same folder as on my desk unit but on the C: and when I fire up FS.... nothing. No excludes, no buildings, nothing...

    What did I do wrong? Do I need to recompile on this machine? Is it the fact, I did this on my E: and now they are on the C: and its just not seeing them???

    Anyone have a solution or idea?

    Matt :banghead:
  2. Geiger.Daniel


    30 Jun 2005
    Well, this doesn't matter. I compiled my work on C: and my flightsim is installed on E:. Some of my testers have their FS on D:, some on K...

    Maybe you have to add the scenery via manage sceneries (Or something like that. I only have a german FS.). This should be under settings.

    Did you place your textures and objects in own folders under your addon scenery/scenery folder (Looks like this: fs2004/addon scenery/scenery/yourscenery. yourscenery should include a folder called scenery and one called textures). If you did so, you maybe have to add the scenery manually in FS, as mentioned above. Hope this will help
  3. welshtorg


    10 Mar 2005
    Two thoughts

    1. I mostly update my files as I go along. As I save the file, it overwrites the previous verson. The other day I saved a new project to a new Addon Scenery folder. It didn't show up either. I turns out that I didn't add the area throught the scenery manager first. :banghead: It easy to take for granted...Once i added the new scenery folder, it did it's thing...

    2. I normally place objects using Arno's OBPlacer XML. (Correct me if I'm wrong here) but I found out that If I place the objects (buildings, cars, etc) under the "User library Objects" the actual structure is not parsed into the BGL, just referenced by the BGL. On the other hand, if I did an Objects>MassAdd MDL folder and put my bgls in the MDL Objects, it seemed to parse the model into the BGL. The file sizes were substantially different.

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