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How to update new mdl file ?

Discussion in 'ObPlacer and ObPlacer XML' started by Jaidee, 26 Jul 2007.

  1. Jaidee


    28 Dec 2005
    First, big "Thank You" to Arno for this tool making our life much easier !!!
    Minor two issue I have is as follows;
    1. upgrade mdl.
    I created a new user library entry successfully.
    Of course after some time, building up Gmax, etc.., knowledge, you improve, read upgrade your model.
    How can I update my mdl file into the user library ?
    Logical step could be to delete the old model first, and then reenter the object in the user libray, but how ?
    If I remove the files from the directory, at start up it tells me files are missing.
    If I add now the user library, it tells me the GUI is existing.....
    How can I get rid of this, now obsolete GUI ?

    2. Scenery Distribution at Project Closure.
    Ok, my project is completed, and I want to share my scenery with my fellow FS community frinds. In my system FS Arno's tool has crated a GUI entry, which hold the mdl file, so on my system everything is OK.
    But the FS player who downline load the file how does he get the GUI (and model ?) It can't be in the BGL file because the BGL files, from Arno's tool, is only 1 KB ???
    Opposed to when I go to the traditional process (ie BGLcompile from original XML, MDL files) it is 4 KB ?
    Thanks fo your replies.
  2. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004

    I assume that you are talking about an user library for which you loaded the XML file? In that case all you have to do is recompile your existing library with your new MDL file. The object keeps the same GUID in that case, so you don't have to do anything in ObPlacer XML. If you have added new MDL objects, you would have to rescan the XML file for the new objects to show up.

    Removing an user library is not very easy indeed, you would have to edit the XML config file manually to remove it. But that is only needed if you want to remove it, not to update/change it.

    You would have to give both the placement BGL and the library BGL files to the end users. If you did not make the library yourself, but downloaded it, it is probably better to ask the users to do the same.

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