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Hybrid dual engine sounds

Discussion in 'Sound' started by lionheart, 10 Aug 2009.

  1. lionheart


    24 Oct 2005
    I wish to do a Hybrid engine, but will be using a single propulsion platform or 'airfile'.

    I would like the aircraft to do two things.

    1. Have two versions of engine sounds.

    2. Have two versions of fuel burn.

    Question one; Can I have a moderately increased fuel burn via 'Emergency Power' where fuel will be burned at double speed?

    Question two; Has anyone done engine sound files that can be 'changed' by gauge code? Is it possible to do this for a engine sound pack? Can one perhaps replicate the engine sound system in steps via throttle position in percent steps? Say 8 steps of sound in 15% ranges?

    Its a tall order...

    The aircraft will feature a hybrid propulsion system; hybrid cumbustion engine with a fuel cell powered electric motor. The motor would be able to run for 1 hour, where the fuel engine (hydrogen) could run for 4 to 5 hours.

    Any thoughts would be welcome...


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