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Hi guys, as stated before, have just bought an Academic Prepar3D license.
Have only used it very little but noticed when doing a flight from KRSW to Orlando Int.Airport, that when I opened the map window to check for the airpot's ILS and headings, just as one does with FSX., there where none, and ofcourse this airport has them. So what is wrong? Does'nt Prepar3Dv3 has this info.being a more advanced software than FSX? Has anyone experience the same issue?
Please return to the map window and focus on the icons at the top of the display. They control display of various layers of data including weather and airport information. Most are off by default, the same as for FSX. I believe the one you want to make dark is the one with the "A1" symbol.

I'll do this on my way back home since am now travelling. However I remember having done what you recomend and did not see the list containing the ILS and Heading readings for each runway. Remember seeing the same windows of your post that shows the runways but withought navigational list. Hope I'm wrong and maybe the window needed some sort of stretching so as to see the ILS and Heading for the runways? Thanks and will keep you posted once y double check this.
Hi there,good afternoon from Lima.
Just wanted to tell you that in effect the map windows is the tool to find the different ILS and runnway headings for those airports that have them
Therefore,the issue is solved and my sincere thanks for your help
Best regards