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Is this perhaps the Ultimate Home Simulator?


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A friend of mine shared a picture of his new home simulator. He lives in Las Vegas, and had a new addition to his home constructed, and commissioned this B777 "home cockpit". ~$600,000 including the building addition. It is run by six computers loaded with P3Dv4 (started with P3Dv3):

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Freaking-A that looks terrible! All that money spent and they couldn't add just a few more dollars for a decent staircase, so his poor wife doesn't have to stand on a soap box to hand him his coffee with her stewardess outfit on..

"Seriously," when I read the title I thought you were going to tell us about a game, that if played expertly, allows one's avatar to buy a house that has a flight simulator in it and I thought, "well if it's immersive enough..."

At least with those dinky "Reno" style simulators, shaped like an F1 car with the head's up display above the dash, it's easier for the wife to hand you coffee.



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That explains how he saved the $600,000
Well, Jim is one of those pesky 1%'ers for whom $600k is not much more than pocket change. o_O

Unfortunately for Jim though, he couldn't pass a physical so he'd have to hire a crew were he to invest in a real airplane. There's no fun in that! So he has to "live the dream" vicariously through inviting his pilot friends to fly with him in his home cockpit.


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No, he doesn't have a website. He barely understands email. :rolleyes:

Bjoern, I agree with you. There's no way I'd even think about having only one "plane" to fly. It's a silly investment, IMHO. :rotfl:
There's no way I'd even think about having only one "plane" to fly. It's a silly investment, IMHO.
It is more along the lines of suggesting Khufu build a second pyramid. I mean, sure he could, no one is suggesting he isn't capable, it's just a...why bother kind of thing. He's already got something for us to remember him by.