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Java install runtime error

Discussion in 'FSX Planner' started by kylanwalters, 10 Nov 2007.

  1. kylanwalters


    10 Nov 2007
    Hey Guys,

    i am a freeware developer, and am moving from FS9 AFCADs to FSX, and part of that is getting a high quality AFCAD editor for .xml's. i was recently turned on to FSXPlanner, and i was very excited, until i tried to install it and it required Java... Sadly, my computer always gives me a runtime error when installing it, ive talked to Jave, and they don't know, so i was wondering if, by any chance, there is a way to maybe edit and .ini file or something so FSXPlanner doesn't need Java... But, it probably needs java to render so im kinda out in a bad spot here...

    Does anyone know how to fix this runtime error....

    it says "Internal Error 1755, 1634" or something like those numbers....

    I really want to use this, and am quite bummed :(

    btw, ive already tried both the online and offline installers for Java

  2. rf360m


    9 Apr 2007

    FSX Planner does require java to run.

    Perhaps we can help figure out the problem that you are getting when installing java on your system. What is the exact error message you are getting? What OS are you using?

  3. kylanwalters


    10 Nov 2007
    Hey Russell,

    I meant to get back in time, so im just gonna say, i was trying 6.0 version 11 of Java JRE, on both Online and Offline versions... It would not work at all, so i decided to see if 5.0 would work, and it did, so if the latest version of Java JRE doesn't work for any of you, Java 5.0, most likely will work 5.0....

    Thanks for your excellent software guys.... much appreciated. :D

    i deleted the image i took of the runtime error message..... it said somethins like this:


    Internal Error 1755, 1634
    C://Program Files/Java/jre_1_0_11/jre_1_0_11.msi


    or something to that effect....
    Last edited: 12 Nov 2007

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