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MCX is unable to create .bgl - file

Hi everyone,
after many days of trying, reading posts in several forums, trying again, I am now at the end of my skills.

I can create .mdl files -either with FSDS v3, or latest with sketchup-, I can import them and see them in the working window of MCX, but every time when I try to compile them I always get ERROR messages.
I worked on the textures, anything is fine there, I tried the convert-and-place-object-wizard, but the result is always the same, as you can see on the attached picture.
In the options the path for the .bgl-compiler is set for the fsx sdk, as you can see.

Can anyone show me the way to get rid of the mistake(s) which I obviously make?

I work with Windows 10, 64bit version, FSX SDK SP1 and 2 is loaded.

Any idea?

Thank you in advance ! :)



Have you installed the patch specifically for the SDK which is SP1A? This corrects a bug in BGLComp which was shipped on the RTM DVD. This bug causes an error on any attempt to compile. SP1 and SP2 were patches for FSX itself. The error log shows that BGLComp is the execution program that is throwing the error.



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The error indeed comes from bglcomp. Which SDK version did you install?
Hi Ed, hi Arno,
I had the SDK from the original FSX DVD 1 ( standard version, no Deluxe, no Accel. ). After Ed's post I downloaded and installed FSX SDK SP1A, but there was no bgl-compiler inside the corresponding file inside the enviroment section.
As I have FSX SP 1 and 2 installed, I afterwards found a file named FSX SP2 SDK which I installed; this one has a bgl compiler within. But I didn't check up to now whether this version will fix my problem.
I will keep you informed about the result.

Update: Finally I got a .bgl file out of MCX ! :)
As I didn't notice that the install routine created a new folder "FSX SDK SP1A" inside the FSX folder, I finally set the path for the bgl compiler to the Prepar3d v3 SDK, and this worked.

I can find the bgl in the corresponding addon-folder of FSX, however, there is nothing to see on this place, where I want to place this new hangar. I tried it to do with the convert and object placement wizard of MCX ( from where I also got this bgl file ), the coordinates should be correct; I tried to import the bgl file as well as the XML file into ADE 1.7.0, I tried to place it with whisplacer, but overall no joy.

What is the mistake which I obviously make??
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Are your texture(s) placed in the corresponding Texture folder? Is the addon folder with the scenery and texture folders active in your scenery library? Both need to be yes for you to see your model in FSX.

@ Ed: Yes, the .dds-textures are in the texture folder of the folder which I put in the addon section, this addon-airport is activated in the fsx scenery.
A funny thing is: I could manage to import this bgl file into ADE, could place it onto the right place, have run the fault finder ( no errors ), and after saving this airport I compiled it. I then deactivated this airport in the FSX scenery, activated it again as new active area, checked it in FSX: Nothing there.
But with Instant scenery I could find and see the hangar with all the texturing, not at its place, but somewhere in the North Atlantic, when I tell the program to shift my aircraft to the object.
Question: As the bgl file is named "ednx_hangar3_.BGL", and not something like .....obj.bgl, could this be the mistake?
Your current file name looks fine to me, but try removing the last _ character?

If it is placing it somewhere else, are you sure that your N/S and E/W are correct in the lat/long entries?
Hi Tom,

I'm gonna try it without the _ character, and recheck the coordinates. In MCX: Lat 48.23042600 Lon -11.56586800 would be the correct designation, right? My airport is near the city of Munich, Germany, so we are East of Greenwich....


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East longitude would be positive values, not negative as you wrote. N and E are positive.
Hi guys, I want to thank you all for your assistance ! Finally, after a lot of attempts, I managed to create my hangar. It is placed on the right airport, but there is still some work to do. The position does not correspond to the coordinates which I got out of the Map option in MCX (Google Map); I don't know which background picture and which airport reference point was used by the builder of the airport scenery, so I have to shift it with whisplacer. And: As you can see on the attached pic, my hangar is "hovering" some feet above ground.
Question: After bringing the hangar to its -hopefully- final position (noting the correct new coordinates ), would it help to compile it again, with the altitude set to a negative value, let's say around -3 meters?


Your model is sitting on ground that is not totally flat. If you look closely at your model it's origin point is sitting at ground level. You can create a flatten polygon with ADE and make the ground in that area all one level but that will also create the need to use sloped flattens to seamlessly tie the flat area into the sloped ground around it, or as you suggest you could put it partly under ground with a negative altitude.

Thank you, Ed. I think your idea to flatten the area is better than working with a negative altitude value, as there are two more hangars to exchange south of mine. ( If you have a look on Google Earth, Oberschleissheim airfield north of Munich, Germany, the southern part of the field, you can see what I mean.
Originally there was an addon file called "schleik4" for FS9 which was upgraded by another person for FSX, called it "EDNX Schleissheim_FSX 2015_v1.0"; that's the one I am working on, because this file uses some building objects out of some stock which are far away from the original buildings.
As I was actually flying there ( long time ago...), I am strongly interested in having the correct hangar to park my helicopter there..... ;-)
Hope you get results that you like. It's best to have the airport flattened to one altitude. User aircraft and AI need this. Once the airport is flat then you can use slopped flattens to tie into the surrounding terrain.

In the moment I am really fed up with this project. The bgl file which was working is gone with the wind, and every time I try to create a new file I can't get a result which is visible in FSX. Are there some hidden temp. files somewhere on my PC which are interfering?
MCX now produces bgl files with around 42 kb, which is a bit strange to me as in the beginning the file size was around 320kb, I remember.
Perhaps it is the best to de-install all the relevant programs and make a new-install....
I am not sure but if I remember correctly, a bgl compiled with the P3Dv3 compiler will not show up in FSX. If you compile with the FSXbgl.comp.exe it should work for both FSX and P3D.
The statement is only partially correct. However, the idea to offer it as a cause would presumably be based on the supposition that the OP intentionally does not use the SDK for FSX Gold as he describes in his first post, but instead uses the SDK for P3D V3, of which no mention is made in this thread whatsoever. It would be counterproductive to assume someone's actions so radically diverged from a standard procedure, with only the evidence of a similar outcome to support that assumption. So, while the results are the same: no model visible in sim; the root cause is likely not the choice of the wrong compiler in my opinion.
The actual fact about compiling between FSX/P3D V3 is that models compiled in FSX SDK are visible in P3D V3, ground polygons compiled in FSX SDK sometimes have a slight vertical displacement when rendered in P3D V3/V4. The displacement is so slight, in fact, that several testers reported FSX scenery to work properly in V4. This is a picture of my avatar when I finally got around to inspecting the FSX compiled GP's that were reported "working" in P3D V4:

Hi rk, this pic looks like LOWI, Innsbruck, Austria ??
Okay, anyway: I tried compiling via FSX SDK's, as I use FSX with SP1 and 2, so I installed FSX SP2 SDK as well. But whether I use this SDK, or any other FSX SDK ( after de-install the SP's and going back to the original SDK of FSX standard ), whether I try FSX SDK SP1A, I always end with nothing.
The SDK of Prepar3d is producing bgl and XML, but with small size values; in Instant Scenery I get only a red x-ray-box at the correct position, but I cannot place the object itself there.
In whisplacer I can find the bgl on the screen, can shift it, but in whisplacer live preview I get nothing to see on the FSX screen; looks like I produced a ghost hangar.....

After many, many hours all the last three weeks, I am short of canceling the whole project.......................
Hi folks, I am still alive, still fighting with my hangar project........

I tried in the meantime several things: MCX with path to FSX SDK: still internal compiler error. I set the path to Prep3D, v2 and/or v3: I get bgl-files, small xml-files, which will be delivered into the correct scenery subfolder inside the addon scenery. I also can get these files with the library maker. But I am still not able to place the object visible in position. In whisplacer I can place the object on the scratchboard, but it never appears in the live preview.
When I try it with Instant scenery, I can just get a red x-ray box on the desired position, but no hangar.

As I wrote one or two weeks ago I had one successful attempt to have the hangar with all the textures at the correct position, hovering some feet above ground ( I attached this picture then ), but I can't reproduce the way I got it, neither the set of SDK's I used, nor the files I got out of it ( unfortunately I didn't save them ...)

I still have no idea why I can't compile with the FSX SDK: I de-installed all the SDK's, started again with the SDK from the FSX standard DVD1, then installed SP1a, then installed SDK SP2 ( which automatically de-installed SP1a again ). But with paths set to these SDK's I always get these internal compiler errors.

Is it possible that there is a coincidence with the fact that I have all the things -also FSX- on C:/ ?? Also, when I try to get success with ADE -starting the program as administrator- I have the object on the scratch but can't compile it. THAT'S BORING.........

2017-07-26 : Finally I got it !!

My way is now following: I create the object with Sketchup, having the textures on hand; I put the outcoming .dae-file into MCX to get a .mdl-file ( bgl compiler from Prepar3D v.3 SDK, the FSX-SDK's won't work...); thereafter .mdl-file into librarymaker to get bgl and xml into the respective addon scenery folder ( the convert-and-place-objects-wizard in MCX does not work with the Prepar3D SDK's ); finally placing the object with Instant Scenery into position. I will post a picture of the results when I have finished the other two hangars.

I want to thank you all for your replies, advice and help all the last weeks, I appreciate this very much !!

always happy landings :)

Uli Ferner
as announced before, here is the result of my efforts........
Still have to make some fine-tuning with the colours, and make some taxiways and aprons, as the present ones are only on the background image which the author used for the airport layout.