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Multiple Engine Types...

Discussion in 'Other' started by flightsimer, 28 Oct 2011.

  1. flightsimer


    6 Dec 2009
    I know FS doesnt support Multiple type of engines (or at least i dont think it does) so im trying to figure out the best course of action for the furture on my C-123K Model.

    On the C-123K, we have two PW R-2800 radials and two GE J-85, single spool, jet engines. All four engines ran off of 100/130 octane (100LL nowadays) fuel. The R-2800's turned three bladed reversible pitch props, while the jet engines only provided forward thrust.

    What will be the best option in making it so that all four engines can be used and are able to be controled realistically? The R-2800's are the quadrant like throttles but the Jets' thrust are controlled solely by two three-positions switches (increase/decrease thrust and Centered) that are located below the throttles on the face of the quadrant.

    Now when the props are reversed, the jet engines automatically shut off and the inlet doors close, all to prevent FOD damage.

    The Jets are only used on Takeoff, Initial Climbout, and landing (for rejected landing purposes).

    There are two ways that i have thought up that might work on paper (im not sure about in FS because i have never made a config or air file from scratch).

    Option one: Have all 4 engines set as turboprops. Set #1/2 engines as the R-2800's and tuned so they provide the correct performance and have the thrust reversers. Engines #3/4 will be the J-85's with derated power (compared to 1/2) but increased fuel flows.

    Option two: Have the two R-2800's still as turbo props (to allow the reversers unless you can model reversing pistons in FS) and do everything normally. But making the Jets' throttle switches into switches that artificially increase the thrust of the R-2800's for the added boost the jets would have given.

    Any Ideas on how to do this or whether or not my two above ideas are remotely possible? I really want to have four functioning engines or the temporary performance of four functioning engines for realistic purposes.

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