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My First Scenery Project - Nimes Garons

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by FirmamentFX, 17 Jun 2007.

  1. FirmamentFX


    24 May 2007
    Hi guys,

    Just thought I'd share my first scenery project - to be released as freeware towards the end of the year.

    Nimes Garons - a French naval airfield with civil pretensions ;) in the Gard in France. Ryanair schedules 3 or 4 flights a day into there (from Luton, East Mids, Liverpool, and Brussels Charleroi) and is currently the only carrier going into the airport.

    It is also the home to the engineering branch of TAT Aviation, which means you often get to see some interesting aircraft there.

    AOM had most of its fleet stored there after going bankrupt, and still has a couple of aircraft there waiting for buyers.

    On the military side, it is home to Atlantiques and Mirages of various flavours, but is often used as a stopover and exercise base for other military aircraft.

    I also plan to model Garons - the town close to the airfield. Mostly autogen, but a few "real" buildings. It makes a visual approach quite interesting.

    After this, I plan to do a few more local airports - Avignon is next on the list.



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  2. rhumbaflappy

    rhumbaflappy Moderator Staff Member Resource contributor

    2 Jun 2004
    Hi MArtin.

    I have a friend that works as a stewardess for Ryan Airlines... she calls it "Air Baghdad". They primarily transport US troops to and from the US.

    They also contrat other governments to move their troops, hence the use of RyanAir at that airport.

    Strange new world, eh?


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