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Newb with Soldiworks for Airport Design

Discussion in 'Airport Design General' started by wombo, 6 Mar 2008.

  1. wombo


    6 Mar 2008
    Looking to get started building freeware airports for FS9, hopefully with FlyTampa quality. I'm pretty good with Solidworks and would like to use that instead of Gmax or other 3D programs. My main concern is exporting files from Solidworks to FS9.
    Solidworks can export to:
    IGES (.igs, iges), ACIS (.sat), STEP AP203/214 (.step), VDAFS (.vda), Tiff (.tif), Universal 3D (.u3d), Microsoft XAML (.xaml), STL.(stl), VRML (.wrl), Parasolid text file (.x_t), Parasolid binary file (.x_b), eDrawings (.eprt), Adobe (.pdf), 3D XML (.3dxml), Catia (.cgr), ProE (.prt), JPEG (.jpg), HCG (.hcg), HOOPS (.hsf)
    Any ideas on how to end up with .bgl's?

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