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Discussion in 'Showroom' started by Mace, 2 Feb 2007.

  1. Mace


    2 Dec 2006
    I am experimenting around with several different design things in FSX...

    #1 Solentiname Islands, made coastlines more accurate a la FS_KML. Compare it to stock scenery. For those interested, I did NOT use PolygonHole:

    #2 MNMG. Managua Intl. Added jetways, seasons to correct desert texture, more parking, relocated terminal based on real-world location, etc., and of course, some Copa Airlines AI coded to exact real-world schedules. In the distance, you might be able to see the La Costena Cessna Caravan AI, and Atlantic Airlines Let-410's. I made true-to-life schedules for them all...
    Please pardon the default TaxiwaySigns, for which my exclusion xml is failing at present...


    #3 I'll finish with a shot of the San Juan River, which is on the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border. Again, redone to real-world dimensions and elevations, and with adjusted waterclass, which looks quite different at 2.x low vs. 1.x high--not sure I like 2.x low:


    I don't know what will come of this whole thing, but it has educated me on a bunch of different design techniques with the FSK SDK (vector shapes, xml, bglcomp, waterclass, landclass, jetways, GenericBuildings, taxiwaypaths, and aircraft texture painting.) Hope you enjoyed the screens, and thanks for all the help all of you have given me...

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