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P3D v4 No Autogen using ACM

Hello all,

Having installed AGX 64 from France VFR (I am a strong user of FVFR sceneries) and willing to also keep P3D definitions I tested ACM in its last release.

Here is what I did: I maintained the original Autogen definitions in the P3D V4.1 Autogen folder and put AGX 64 definitions in an autogen folder in a scenery as required (I think this is the correct procedure)

ACM did work, recognized the two different Autogen folders (my log file is attached) and did the merging job.

However after the above I restarted P3D but I have completely lost the FVFR Autogen above France (not a single tree or building).

I reinstalled FVFR Autogen definitions in the P3D Autogen folder and I then recovered all the autogen as normal. I had that issue in the recent pas using a developmental version of ACM so I thought the issue was gone but - at least for me - it is not solved.

Can someone tell me if I did something wrong here ?

Thanks a lot for the help




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In which scenery folder did you put the AGX autogen files? Because I'm not sure I see them in the log.

However it is not advised to consider a complex set as the AGX autogen files as the input for the merge. Because the merging will also try to insert the definition at the right order within the default ones. If the definitions to be merged already include the default ones as well that becomes tricky. So it is best to have in a scenery only the new definitions used by that scenery.

That's also way I think an initiative like AGX to combine definitions from various developers in one set is not a good idea. It makes it even harder to maintain the autogen definitions.
I Arno

The AGX autogen files ahave been put in the following folder as identified by ACM :)Found config: f:\prepar3d addon\addon scenery\occitania_vfr\autogen\Materials.spb is the first line)

So in your mind it is not recommended to try to merge the original P3D autogen definitions set and the FVFR AGX one ?
Hello, I'm almost sure that default P3D definitions are part of AGX. I'm using AGX and FVFR scenery since many years and never had to merge autogen definitions, whatever the FSX or P3D version.
Merging AGX definitions and those distributed by Orbx (which contain legacy definitions from Earth Simulations for example) is a very common requirement I see on forums....


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I understand the need to merge them, I'm just saying that merging two complete definitions, that each contain sets from many developers is hard and more likely to give conflicts and issues.