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ObPlacer XML 0.11 released

Discussion in 'ObPlacer and ObPlacer XML' started by arno, 31 Dec 2004.

  1. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004
    I have released an updated version of ObPlacer XML. In version 0.11 beta the following changes have been made:

    • When errors occur during saving the XML file, the less readable but still valid XML file is restored
    • Tabs in the XML file no longer give trouble
    • Crash solved when adding MDL objects with an empty object list
    • Compilation problems due to path in XML file solved
    • When you quit you are asked if you want to save the current XML file
    • Folder for the BGL file can be specified as well
    • Option to add all MDL objects in a certain folder at once
    • When adding/updating or deleting objects the focus of the object list works correct
    • The focus colour of the object list now works with all Windows colour themes
    • The produced XML file is more readable now
    • Last used XML and MDL folder are remembered separately

    This should solve all bugs that have been reported until now and most requests for additional features are also included.

    If you have used v0.10 before, please note that the config.xml file has been extended, so you need to replace it with the one from the zip file. After that you need to make sure the FS path is correct again.

    All other bugs and requests are for next year :). So happy new year all.

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