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ObPlacer XML develoment status

Discussion in 'ObPlacer and ObPlacer XML' started by arno, 14 Oct 2004.

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  1. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004
    Now that CAT is almost finished it is time to do some work on ObPlacer XML again. Just like I did for CAT I will use this thread to indicate the development status, so you can see which features I still want to add and how far I am in doing so.

    Basic features
    :greenflag [100%] Placement of library objects
    :greenflag [100%] Placement of effect files
    :greenflag [100%] Reading of custom XML library files
    :greenflag [100%] Loading MDL object files for placement
    :greenflag [100%] Ability to edit/change previously placed objects

    Additional features
    :whiteflag [000%] Showing of thumbnail images for objects
    :redflag: [000%] Sorting of objects by LOD8 areas
    :redflag: [000%] Placement of default buildings
    :redflag: [000%] Set of known configurations for default buildings
    :greenflag [100%] Name objects/add comment for easier editing
    :greenflag [100%] Indicator for status of FSConnect connection

    PS. It is not necesairy that all these features are implemented before I release a first beta, for that I want the basic features to work.
    Last edited: 29 Dec 2004
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