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Off to a bad start

Discussion in 'Ground2k4, SBuilder, SBuilderX' started by richard64, 11 Jan 2008.

  1. richard64


    4 Jan 2008
    I am just starting off using SBuilderX.
    I have installed the lastest version of manifold toolbar and the mdf pack.
    However When I enter a location I am not taken there.
    I am following the Gustavia St. Barthelemy example in the terrain design tutorial and I am just not taken there.
    Also when I select edit/preferences in Sbuilder I see a different dialogue box to that shown in the tutorial.
    I have a box which shows 2 tabs, 1 is background and 1 is object folders.
    The background tab shows the various images such as google earth and virtual earth.
    I select google and click ok. BUT in the tutorial it shows radio buttons with the various image makers, google and virtuka earth etc.
    SO how do I proceed.
    I hope this makes sense but I don't see any point at the moment in continueing with the tutorial if what I see is not the same as the tutorial, if you get my drift.

    OK have got it sorted. FOR NOW.
    Last edited: 11 Jan 2008

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