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override eta

Discussion in 'AI Flight Planner' started by bobbyjack, 15 Mar 2009.

  1. bobbyjack


    30 Oct 2007
    Hey Don

    I was working with a FS9 FP in FS9. I had a Skyhawk flying from San Diego to LA. I used the override eta box to have the Skyhawk land 20 minutes later than calculated time. I got an error that said that might work at the planes cruise speed. I clicked OK and the arrival time in the leg in question became 00:00 instead of the original time or a new time. Will Override only shorten times?

  2. gadgets

    gadgets Resource contributor

    8 Nov 2005
    Seconds before becoming aware of your post, I had released an update to address that very problem which I inadvertently discovered this afternoon. It has been there since the introduction of 1.6. I'm amazed it wasn't reported earlier.

    Actually, there were two problems. First, if you set an override ETA, the leg duration was inadvertently set to 0 - which is what caused your ETA in the Leg List to become 00:00. Secondly, if you set the override ETA to any value less than 15 minutes later than the system-calculated ETA, you got that message - which BTW is only a warning.

    I've fixed the duration problem and the warning (now labelled as such) is issued only if you attempt to override the ETA by setting it to a value 5 minmutes or more earlier than the system-calculated value.

    You should now be able to do what you wanted to.

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