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Photoreal Brisbane - Preview Part 1

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by flightsimstudios, 14 Feb 2005.

  1. flightsimstudios


    8 Feb 2005
    After a lot of messing around with just a portion of the satellite imagery I have, I managed to get a start on a South East Queensland (primarily Brisbane), region photoreal scenery...
    Here's the first 4 strips of 5m imagery I got into FS...

    It's just north of Redcliffe and south of the Bribie (Pumicestone Passage) Bridge...

    I'm still planning on enriching the colors/colours in photoshop once I have the master image compiled with all the tiles for the region, I'll probably mess with the black levels, white levels and saturation to reeally make the textures look crisp...

    Here's the piccies... Sorry it's such a thin strip of land, I only have about another 65 strips of tiles to lay down...


    Last edited: 14 Feb 2005

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