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Plane not lining up w/ ILS

I get that FSX is a hundred years old , how do I fix the plane to line up with the correct ILS.. I recreated the airport. CYTR I went to put the plane at the start of Rwy 24 and it was off by a few hundred ft.

I would gladly take any advice, tips or support

you have to take a look to the Ade file. open the airport with Ade and check what is wrong. it's easy to fix for sure.not understand very well where the problem is, it's the ils misaligned when approaching or the airplane off the runway when starting the flight ? anyway both cases are easy to fix the second option is just to place the starting point or add a new one. with Ade you can move or add Ils, starting point, parking point ,taxilines, even the whole runway. that is.
I am not an expert as regarging to anything in fsx but I have struggle with such situations. check the runway heading and that of the ils you want to fix. take care what ils you are trying to fix, maybe it is the oposite what you are moving . have the runway two ils approach.?
actual rwy heading as per charts is 244 in fsx it is 232 , so when I came into land I was way off. now when I put 244 heading in the adjustments it looks like this.
check other airports files and see how Ils are placed I see something weird with the Ils disposition. anyway as said before you you can move the Ils object at discretion.