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Problems with Runways in LEMD

Discussion in 'Airport Design General' started by LFB, 1 Sep 2008.

  1. LFB


    1 Sep 2008

    This is my first post in this forum, and first of all, I would like to congrat all the people who developped ADE. I'm not an expeirenced "airport designer", but recently I tried to do a modification of the airport LEMD (Madrid-Barajas Airport) which has 4 runways.

    This modification consists on runways operations. In real world, LEMD operates 2 runways for take offs and 2 for landings. For instance, when runways 36L and 36R are in use for take off, runways 33L and 33R are in use for landings. And viceversa: when runways 15L and 15R are in use for t/o; runways 18L and 18R are in use for landings.

    To do this, I went to "Lists>Runways" and modified the parametres of label "pattern". I set runways 18L and 18R not in use for take off but for landings; and runways 36R and 36L not for landings but for take offs. I did the same thing with runways 33/15 L&R, in order to achieve 2 runways for take off and 2 for landings.

    Afterwards, I compiled the airport and initiated FSX, and the result wasn't a success: effectively, planes took off from runways 36L&R, but they landed in these runways too :confused:. I returned to ADE and saw the "primary" and "secondary" labels in the runway's box. Surprisingly, the options "closed for landing" and "closed for take off" were selected, and I can't do anything to solve this problem....

    Could anyone help me? My aim is just to solve de runways operations so that it is like real world.


    Luis Fco. Bernardos

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