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Run Time Error 53

Discussion in 'Library Creator XML' started by derBruchpilot, 24 Aug 2004.

  1. derBruchpilot


    24 Aug 2004
    Hey arno,

    I started today your tool, but I'm not successfull.

    I created a new libery project.
    Then the *.mdl-file was added correctly.
    After this I saved the xml - it was o.k.
    And after this I tried "compile bgl" and I'v got the run time error '53' - file not found.
    Do you know why? And what must I do to compile correctly?

    By the way - I made some gmax-mdl's and I want to yous the models as an makro in fssc? How can I do that?
    I tried to export the files with the "keep-file" option, but I can't activate this option on makemdl.


  2. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004
    Hi Ralf,

    Are you sure you have BGLComp installed in the Library Creator XML folder? Otherwise you could try to compile the created XML file manual with BGLComp.

    In the new gamepack this option is not available by default. You can best try to install MDLCommander and then you will get the options screen back. But you might not need the source. If you create a library, for example with my tool and then adapt the simple API template (see my FsRegen tutorial for example) to your GUID you should be able to call your object from the library.
  3. Rellek01


    2 Jun 2004
    I kept getting different run-time errors with Arno's tools and then I discovered that the windows automatic updates on my XP machine was installing security patches that evidently over wrote the registry entries for visual basic and .net framework files. Ater reinstalling, everything was fine. Also, after installing xp service pack 2 I had to reinstall windows scripting to clear up some issues. Every thing OK for now. Hopes this helps anybody having run-time errors.


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