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FSXA SDK Installation with Gold-Edition

Hi, maybe this was asked before, Ididn't find answers in the forum:
I have to install FSX in my new PC.

The Guide in SDK Installation says:
FSX Acceleration Pack OR FSX Gold Pack users[edit]
To install the SDK for FSX Acceleration Pack OR FSX Gold Pack:
1. Install the RTM SDK from FSX Deluxe Edition disk 1, (see 3.1.1 FSX Deluxe RTM users instructions above).
2. Insert your Acceleration Pack DVD.

I have installed the 3 DVD from the Gold Edition. How can I install the RTM SDK from FSX Deluxe Edition disk 1? In my Gold Version are Disc 1 and 2 (Professional Edition) and the Acceleration DVD.
There is no 'FSX Deluxe Edition disk 1' ? I have the German Version without Deluxe!
Please can somebody help?
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dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
AFAIK Deluxe and Professional edition are pretty much the same.
So on your Disc 1 you should find the RTM SDK.

I have the "Professional edition" too and everything I was told about the "Deluxe edition" applied to it.
Hi Dave,
thankyou very much for the very quick answer. I searched on the DVD 1 and there is only a folder named 'SDK' not 'RTM SDK'. But I found an old pdf with instructions for installing SDK from 2013. Obviously I have it from my first Installation. I will see if I can use this one.

Thank you