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Sim Parameter Modification with FSX SDK

Discussion in 'SimConnect' started by jsdratm, 30 Jan 2008.

  1. jsdratm


    30 Jan 2008
    My avionics company is looking at developing an application to modify the FSX simulation parameters (altitude, position, etc.) so we can control the plane with our auto pilot. How hard is it to use the SDK to modify the values of these parameters and what languages are supported? We usually use C for development. Also, can you connect to flight sim from any external program and change variables or can you only do it with an "add-on"? Any help on these questions would be great! :eek:

    We have done some work with FSUIPC, but management wants an in-house solution.
  2. beatle


    28 Sep 2006
    You can use C and the SimConnect portion of the SDK. I would assume for an autopilot, you wouldn't change the position/orientation of the aircraft, but would "fly" the aircraft by modifying the stick/yoke input vars ("RUDDER POSITION", "ELEVATOR POSITION", & "AILERON POSITION") - that's what a real autopilot would do isn't it?

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