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SimConnect stops responding after takeoff

Discussion in 'SimConnect' started by Daniel, 19 Dec 2007.

  1. Daniel


    21 Dec 2006
    Someone is experiencing a very strange problem with a program of mine.

    In order to activate the program, one has to push a key. And this works fine before a flight.

    Yet after a flight... my smiconnect client does not receive the key event anymore (for a couple of hundred others it works fine).

    So I wrote a simple program: if the users presses the zero key, the message 'Roger That!' is displayed in FSX. Besides that I subscribe to the '4Sec' event. If I do not receive the event within 5 seconds of the previous receive... I display 'watchdog triggered' message in my client.

    Every time the user presses zero, the 'Roger That' message is displayed... but also the watchdog triggers.

    As soon as the user takes off... the client stops responding to the user key.

    Has anybody experienced anything similar?


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