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Super DC-3 (C-117/R4D-8) Model Available?

Discussion in 'Other' started by gadgets, 1 Jun 2007.

  1. gadgets

    gadgets Resource contributor

    8 Nov 2005
    I plan to make another release of CYYJ (2007) in the fall with lots of eye-candy. The BC Air Museum at the airport has a Super DC-3 on outside display (the first I've ever seen). The airplane, a stretched version of the base DC-3, sometimes known as C-117 or R4D-8, looks like a big DC-3 with a DC4 tail assembly. It met with only limited commercial success.

    I've searched the web and many popular flightsim sights looking for a model of a Super DC-3. But, no luck. Does anyone know where I might find one. It's not going to fly, so it could be as early as FS2000.

    Thanks in advance,