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FS2004 Texture Bitmask

Discussion in 'Tools programming' started by kleinjakob, 14 Jul 2009.

  1. kleinjakob


    25 Sep 2008
    Hello, again I have a rather difficult question, maybe someone can help me. I wasn't sure if the modeling or development tools section fits better, so I just post here and please move if I was wrong!

    I've written a small tool, which modifies specific material definitions inside a mdl, to achieve effects not normally available via gmax or even .x modification. So I'm pretty much familiar with the anatomy of a material definition in a MDL (BGL Opcode &hB6), and it works out so far... and I've noticed that somehow the Chanel to which a map is applied has some distinctive modifications to the respective RGB numbers (float32), I recognize a pattern but I do not know what they mean (eg. Use RGB or alpha of map...) or how they are applied. So this is my question: Does anybody know about this "texture bitmask"?

    Maybe someone can help me. Thanks, Jakob

    PS I'll release this tool to the public with a complete documentation and feature preview later over at Project Opensky.

    PPS For the ones following my progress on my Model Render tool: I've made some progress but nothing substantial... As I work now over at POSKY, the pace is somewhat slower, due to the amount of other projects I'm involved in now...
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  2. arno

    arno Administrator Staff Member FSDevConf team Resource contributor

    28 May 2004

    Did you see the BGLC_9 documentation? In there you will find the following specificiation of the texture type (am I right that that is what you mean with the bitmask)?

    TEXTURE_VARIATIONS            EQU         000000001h
    TEXTURE_AIRCRAFT        EQU         1t
    TEXTURE_MAP       EQU         2t
    TEXTURE_WATER           EQU         3t
    TEXTURE_SKY       EQU         4t
    TEXTURE_GROUND          EQU         5t
    TEXTURE_BUILDING        EQU         6t
    TEXTURE_EFFECT          EQU         7t
    TEXTURE_DAMAGE          EQU         8t
    TEXTURE_NIGHTMAP        EQU         000000080h
    TEXTURE_SPRING          TEXTEQU           <(BIT3)>
    TEXTURE_FALL            TEXTEQU           <(BIT4)>
    TEXTURE_WINTER          TEXTEQU           <(BIT5)>
    TEXTURE_HARDWINTER            TEXTEQU           <(BIT6)>
    TEXTURE_SEASON          TEXTEQU           <(BIT5 | BIT4 | BIT3)>
    TEXTURE2_MASK           EQU         00000ff00h
    TEXTURE2_NONE           EQU         00000ff00h
    TEXTURE2_NIGHT          EQU         000000100h
    TEXTURE2_REFLECT        EQU         000000200h
    TEXTURE2_LIGHTMAP       EQU         000000300h
    TEXTURE2_LIGHTMAP_A           EQU         000000400h
    TEXTURE2_DETAIL         EQU         000000500h
    TEXTURE2_SHADER         EQU         000000f00h
  3. kleinjakob


    25 Sep 2008
    Thank you very, very much!

    I'm very ashamed, that I haven't found it myself, as I do use the BGLC9 source html a lot for reference, but I must admit that I haven't found this section... I'm affraid the file is too large and unstructered for me to feel "home" with her...

    Thanks again, and sorry for that silly question. I'll keep you updated once I can tell you more about my project...

    Thanks again, Jakob