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Discussion in 'Showroom' started by Paavo, 2 Mar 2008.

  1. Paavo


    20 May 2006

    I often change between gliders and airplanes in Flight Simulator and there has been one thing annoying me: I haven't found a way to map the throttle slider to spoiler without having to mess around with key assignments.

    So I spent an afternoon writing a small module that would allow to map throttle to spoiler with a single click in the "Addons" menu within Flight Simulator X.

    Unfortunately, due to many different joysticks on the market, you need to spend few minutes finding the correct settings for your joystick.

    Tested with FSX SP2.


    1) Download throttle2spoiler:

    2) Extract throttle2spoiler.dll and throttle2spoiler.ini to FSX\Modules folder.

    3) Find dll.xml (usually in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Applocation Data\Microsoft\FSX folder). Add a new Launch.Addon section there:


    1) Start Flight Simulator X. When your flight loads, select "Map throttle to spoiler" from throttle2spoiler submenu under Addons menu:


    You will be asked to move throttle slider to see debug information:


    If this message does not disappear as you move the slider, open up throttle2spoler.ini and follow the instructions there to set up the correct slider.

    Now move slider fully back and forth. MinValue and MaxValue will then show the range in which your joystick outputs the position of the slider:


    2) Open throttle2spoiler.ini and write values of MinValue and MaxValue to the configuration file. You'll also find other settings in that file.

    3) Set debug to 0 once you've written down the values.

    4) Set reversed to 1 if you wish to reverse the direction of slider.
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